Dangerous goods & Hazadous materials Solution

With JET Freight, you have a partner at your side who ships dangerous goods globally with maximum safety and possible care.

Whether DGR or IMDG, our staff are familiar with the requirements and regulations for the transport of dangerous goods.

This applies to domestic logistics business , as well as air and ocean shipments.

JET Freight provide you the experience covering class 2,3,4,5,6,8,9

Trained Experts at JET Freight

Our experts who are specially trained in the handling of chemcial goods, organise the transport of your products in compliance with all quality and safety standards.

We offer the comprehensive and value-added solutions by truck as well as by air or by sea. Our seamless service will ensures precise control and fast processing of your orders in China.

Hazadous Materials Storage

Leave the storage of hazardous materials to the experts at JET Freight.

Our trained colleagues are thoroughly familiar with all regulations and have created completed and complaint SOP for these sensitive materials. This means that we are certain to find the right storage solutions for your goods as well. We will be pleased to carry out the assembling and packing, the marking and labeling as well as the dispatch of your goods according to all dangerous goods regulations for you.

Customs Clearance - Compliance

Too many regulations must be observed in imports/exports of dangerous cargo.

JET Freight, simply by virtue of the fact that we have been transporting shipments since we were founded in 2005.

You will benifit from that our experience to get your shipments delivered smoothly according to the regulations for dangerous goods.

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